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If you own or operate a tourism-related business, we’re sure you or your staff regularly get customer enquiries asking about what there is to see and do while visiting Lennox & Addington.

We’re quite proud of our website, and we encourage you to take a deep dive into our pages to learn about all the fun activities that are available here so you can recommend them to your customers (and experience for yourself too, of course).  We’ve also put together this ‘cheat sheet’ below where you can easily access itinerary downloads, cycling, motorcycling and driving routes, links to restaurants, shopping, lodging, and much more!

You can print these items off for your customers, or provide to links & QR codes so they can upload the details to themselves. We hope you’ll keep this webpage handy on your computer or smartphone to be easily accessed when touristy questions arise.


General Tourism Information

If your visitor are just looking for general information, we suggest they visit our ‘Make Memories that Last’ page. It details many unique, themed opportunities to explore. You can print them off for them, or it may be easier for customers to scan it off your personal phone or laptop screen using the QR code below.

Make Memories that Last


Day Trip Itineraries

Are your customers looking for a pre-planned day? Provide them with one of these six themed itineraries. You can either print them off for them to use, or have them scan the QR codes:

Backroad Adventure: A Journey off the Beaten Path


A Slice of L&A: Locations on our Must-Visit List


Artisans & Hidden Gems: Unique, Handcrafted Finds


Barnyards, Bees & Birds: Spend a Day on the Farm


Sun & Stars: A Beautiful Way to Spend the Day (& Night)


L&A Flavours: Breweries & Vineyards


Road Touring Routes

Are your customers looking for a good touring route? Print off or get them to scan our road cycling, motorcycling & driving itineraries! These popular routes take you all corners of the county.

County Trails Road Cycling


Driving & Motorcycle Routes


Tear Away Pads

We’ve created some Naturally L&A ‘Tear Away’ Pads and have distributed many to businesses across Lennox & Addington and beyond. They provide a pretty good list of everything we have to offer visitors here in Lennox & Addington.  Let us know if you would like some copies and we’d be happy to deliver you some. Below is a link to where you can print your own as well.

Naturally L&A Tear Away Pad


Need more information?

Our goal is always to make it as easy as possible for our businesses to do what they work so hard doing. If you have any questions or have any ideas on how we can more easily get you the information you need for your customers, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re here to help!


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