Planning Out an Autumn Leaf Tour of L&A


A few years ago around this time we were preparing for a video crew visit to L&A during the peak of the autumn’s transformation. To prepare for the visit, I had to pre-scout some areas to make sure that the leaves were looking good. Tough job, I know.

The video above is the result. We hope you like it.

While the leaves aren’t quite as far along this year as back in 2020, this blog should still serve as a great guide for those of you in search superb fall colours when we get a little deeper into the season.

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Equipped with my kayak and camera, I took a drive north to a variety of locations. Below are some photos from my tour and a map of where I went. My hope is they will entice you to take a tour of your own while the leaves are at their peak.


1. Napanee Golf & Country Club

The best time to golf is in the fall when the leaves are changing. There are four courses here in L&A and they’re all in great shape.

Golf at Napanee Golf & Country Club.jpg


2. Salmon River at Roblin

The Salmon River is just one of dozens of rivers with beautiful views of the fall foliage. Find out more about some great paddling options here.

Salmon River Paddleboarders.jpg


3. County Road 14 near Croydon

A drive through the rural Lennox & Addington countryside is always a fun trip. Check out our driving itineraries and enjoy a beautiful morning or afternoon tour.

County Road 14 Near Croydon.jpg


4. Miller Road near Croydon

These cows have a pretty nice place to graze this time of year.

Cows in a Field.jpg


5. Adair Road near Tamworth

Salmon River criss-crosses the L&A landscape. It’s particularly beautiful in and around Tamworth.

4. Salmon River by Tamworth.jpg


6. Pochett Road near Tamworth

There are so many country roads in our area and in Stone Mills Township in particular. You can’t beat a drive that includes views like this!

5. Pochett Road near Tamworth.jpg


7. County Road 41 at Clare River

The mouth of the Clare River is a great place to paddle, fish or just view from the bridge.

Claire River.jpg


8. Sheffield Conservation Area near Erinsville

This Conservation Area is one of the most beautiful spots in the county. It’s an amazing spot for a paddle, a hike, and is a perfect destination for shutterbugs.



9. Highway 41 near Kaladar

I really lucked out by pulling over at this location. I stopped to take some landscape photos and it turned out that I was able to get some great shots of motorcycles touring by.

7. Motorcycling in Addington Highlands3.jpg


10. Flinton Conservation Area

This is a gorgeous spot to take photos or a pack a picnic lunch by the falls.

10. Flinton Dam.jpg


11. Deerock Lake Road

The drive to Deerock Lake is almost as beautiful as the lake itself.

11. Road to Deerock Lake.jpg


12. Deerock Lake Conservation Area

This could be the most beautiful spot in Lennox & Addington. The views are spectacular, especially this time of year. It’s an amazing destination for paddlers and anglers so be sure to add it to your bucket list.

15. Deerock Lake Canoe 4.jpg


13. Bon Echo Provincial Park

You can’t go wrong with a visit to Bon Echo Provincial Park. The park is open for day visits and camping until October 15, 2023.

Bon Echo Fall 3_0.jpg


Plan a tour of your own!

Here’s a map of my road trip. We hope you can take one of your own!


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