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Everything from boating to beaches! You’ll find it all here.

There’s no doubt about it, we have a lot of water in L&A. And, with so many lakes, rivers, streams and ponds, we’ve turned this valuable commodity into a recreational playground. The best part? You’re invited to come make a whole lot of waves with us!
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They say you need lots of water every day.
We agree.
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Paddle happy
Scenic, interesting and accessible! Launch your canoe or kayak and follow one of our pre-planned paddle routes to make your paddling experience even more fun. And better yet, try them all and let us know via social media which one you enjoyed the most! All of our routes are portage free (unless the water is very low).
Featured Experience
The fish are biting
L&A is an angler's paradise. With over 100 lakes in the area, you know there’s going to be an abundance of fish! See if you can reel in a Walleye, a Smallmouth Bass or a Northern Pike. Bragging rights go to the one who hooks the biggest trophy.


We’ll supply the water, you bring the boat!

Launch from one of our public boat launches (we have more than a few!) or dock at Loyalist Cove Marina in Bath or Conservation Park in Napanee and enjoy the sights. With so many places to explore, you’re going to need more than a day!

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Scuba diving

Dive down, way down and see what treasures lie below.

This part of Ontario boasts some of the best freshwater diving in the world with a high degree of visibility and ideal water temperatures. Don your gear and see if you can spot a schooner or some other abandoned treasure on the water floor.

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Windsurfing and paddle boarding

Let the wind fuel your way.

As windsurfing and paddle boarding gain in popularity so does the amount you see on our area lakes. Lake Ontario is an ideal location for wind surfing with lots of space and ample wind. Tone down the adrenaline and opt for paddle boarding, you can try out this sport by renting a paddle board at Riverbank Rentals in Napanee.

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Life’s a beach

Jump in, the water is calm, clean and calling. And if you don’t have an area dock to leap off, head to one of our area beaches. Here is a list of where to go when you are in need of a beach day:
A popular camping spot with the availability of day use passes for those who would like to come and enjoy the beach. Swimming available at Main Beach that boasts a sandy shore, a buoyed swimming area and picnic areas. Or at North or South Beach.

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Located on Amherst Island, this popular spot is a great place to swim and hike. Located on Amherst Island this popular spot is a great place to swim and hike.

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This day-use sandy beach has some history behind it. It was the exact location of a United Empire Loyalist landing way back in 1784.  

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Located in the Township of Stones Mills, this local beach on Neville’s Point Road is a great place to cool off on a warm summer day.

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This waterfront park is a great place to pack a picnic and spend an afternoon.

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Endless ideas to fill your days and soothe your soul. There’s no such thing as being bored in L&A.

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Agri-tourism must do's

When tourism meets agriculture - You get a one-of-a-kind experience!

Back to nature…

For outdoor enthusiasts

From trails to nature parks, grab your gear and let’s go!

Sip and savour…

A foodies delight

Farm fresh, organic and unique options as well as the tried and true.

Raring to go…

Discover new things

Spend a day or come for the week, we’ve got you covered with historic tours, events, and more.

Family trip…

Things to do with kids

Explore L&A with these kid-friendly experiences.

Back in time…

History & Heritage

A rich past, makes for an entertaining day. 
With so much to do, why not stay for a while?
Our accommodations are comfy, cozy and close by.

On the Water

They say you need lots of water every day. We agree.

When it comes to water, we’ve got you covered.
In L&A, there are over 100 lakes for you to explore with spectacular views that’ll light up your Instagram account. Whether you prefer to get in the water, be on top of the water or to admire it from the shore, you won’t be disappointed in L&A.
On the water
Fishing in L&A
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beautiful lakes
to explore
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deepest lake in the world is L&A's Mazinaw Lake

This beautiful area has water in abundance and is a boaters playground with lots of unique lakes and rivers to explore.

There’s nothing like the serenity of a crystal clear lake. Grab your kayak, canoe or paddleboard and get out of the water.

Walleye, large- and smallmouth bass, northern pike and trout are just some of the fish that can be caught here in L&A.

The ideal water conditions, high visibility and the variety of interesting things underwater make this area scuba ready.

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