My Lennox and Addington Summer So Far


It’s been an amazing start to my summer student duties here with Naturally L&A. After nearly two months of exploring what Lennox and Addington offers, I’ve gotten to know the area very well. I still have so much to explore in July and August, but I thought I would give you a quick list of some of my favourite places so far.


Thrill Seeker ATV Tours

113741 Highway 7, Kaladar

As someone who has never driven an ATV before going to Thrill Seeker ATV Tours, I felt so comfortable driving by myself because of the detailed safety training and preparation. It was 90 minutes of pure fun and excitement through the TransCanada Trail. I never would have thought I’d be driving an ATV for work, but I’m not complaining. They take riders from any and every skill level and meet the needs of each person. If you’re looking for an adventure this summer, check out Thrill Seeker ATV Tours!

Topsy Farms

14775 Front Road, Stella

If you know anything about me, you know that I will pet an animal, big or small, at every possible opportunity. That’s why Topsy Farms immediately made it onto my list of favourite places. From the foster lambs you can cuddle, to the locally sourced yarn, this place has so much to offer. The yarn comes in all different colours and is very well made, you can trust me because I spend all of my downtime crocheting. One of my favourite parts was taking pictures of their Instagram-famous Highland Cows. They are professionals in modelling, and have the best hairdos! Take a trip to Amherst Island and visit the wonderful Topsy Farms!

Another highlight of my summer was visiting Second Chance Ranch which, of course, included petting lots of animals. They rehabilitate animals from poor environments and rehome, or provide a home, for them to live a better life! You can learn about more farm experiences like these on our website. 

Dining in Tamworth

In the quaint town of Tamworth there are many great places to grab a bite to eat. The locations I visited – A1 Corner Restaurant, the Black Cat Café, Quartermaster’s Store & Quirky Café and S’Coopers Spot – were all unique and had a variety of food and drink options. There is something for everyone, even the pickiest eaters. Each place was welcoming and accommodating. If you’re in Tamworth, consider getting something to eat, or even just a coffee, at these delicious locations!

McNikk’s Thrift and More

18 Dundas Street East, Napanee

Thrifting is one of my favourite ways to spend my time, and McNikk’s Thrift and More is one of the best places to go. They are a local non-profit organization located in the middle of downtown Napanee. There is so much to look through, clothes, books, glassware, and more. Whether you’re looking for something specific or just want to look around, the amazing staff is there to help. If you’re looking for a place to donate items you no longer use, consider dropping them off at McNikk’s during their hours of operation! Check them out this summer!

Paulridge Berry Farm

2115 Palace Road, Napanee

Berry farms are nostalgic for many people, myself included as it was my first job. Paulridge Berry Farm does an incredible job at keeping the magic from your childhood memories alive with its beautiful fields, kind staff, and overall perfect experience. When I visited, I got to pick the most delicious strawberries I’ve ever had (Pro tip: slice them up and put them on vanilla ice cream). Even though the strawberry season has sadly come to a close, you can still visit for raspberries. Be sure to check out Paulridge Berry Farm this summer, and keep an eye out for updates on the next strawberry season!

If you’re looking for more berries, check out Berries By the Bay for Haskap and Saskatoon berries. I had never tried either before visiting, and I quickly learned I was missing out! Be sure to give Berries by the Bay a visit soon.

The Book Shop

2-10 County Road 4, Tamworth

As an English major, The Book Shop was naturally one of my favourite stops in Tamworth, Ontario. There are over 20,000 books in their collection, spanning across dozens of genres. If you’re a book lover like me, plan to spend an afternoon sifting through dozens of books. There are two floors of hand-picked and well-organized used books just waiting to be read. I love a good book to read by the beach, so I will definitely be back to find the perfect beach read!

Cataraqui Trail

I grew up going on walks and hikes with my family, and the Cataraqui Trail is one of the most well-kept and peaceful trails I’ve been on. With four different entrances in Lennox and Addington County, it’s very accessible. The trail is very scenic and interesting which is something I appreciate. I got to bring my dog, Molly, with me, and I could tell she would advocate for other dog owners to visit the Cataraqui Trail!

Lavender Queen Lavender Farm

 3981 County Rd 1 East, Yarker

If you love purple and the smell of lavender like me, then Lavender Queen Lavender Farm is the place to visit. Before I went, I only saw places like this one on Instagram, which made this experience almost surreal. The many rows of 5 different kinds of lavender are picturesque and perfect. All of the products offered at the farm are made of Lavender Queen’s own lavender. This is also a very magical place to host a wedding or other event, so definitely consider hosting it here! Be sure to visit before the season is over!

A big thanks to all of these businesses and attractions for letting me visit and explore! These are just the start of my summer of adventures, so stay tuned for more of my blogs and reels on our Facebook and Instagram channels.



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