Location Strategy for Advanced Manufacturing Site Selection


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You know that local resources and business support are pivotal to advanced manufacturing site selection.

You need resources at your fingertips, and capable, knowledgeable people nearby. Local government support and financial incentives will help you get ahead. We get it. So much so, we pulled together our own list of what you’re looking for in a location.


shutterstock_98143817-warehouse original.jpg3 Critical Elements You Seek In An Advanced Manufacturing Site Selection

  1. Proven Manufacturing Success

To minimize the risk during advanced manufacturing site selection, you want to choose a location which is already a current manufacturing hub to several profitable companies. You want to know that your idea will work here and that you can benefit from the commitment of manufacturers already in the region.

Lower operating costs give you the higher profit you need to reinvest for your company’s growth.

Modern infrastructure, available property and business parks are keys to advanced manufacturing site selection in Lennox & Addington County.

  1. Connections to the Global Market

Doing business with suppliers and customers around the world is a necessity. Consider the benefits of connecting with international colleagues. Your ideal site for advanced manufacturing site selection needs a business-minded community, with a highly-educated workforce, who will work for and support international companies. The desirable rural lifestyle in Lennox & Addington County keeps our workforce here, creating loyal manufacturing employees with low turnover rates.

  1. Business Support & Local Collaboration

The Lennox & Addington County Economic Development Office provides free, confidential business and tech coaching. They will connect you with local partners  and resources to help you with all stages of starting, relocating, or expanding an advanced manufacturing company.

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Imagine Having Ongoing Access to These High Level Supports for Your Advanced Manufacturing Company

  • Help to apply for incentives and financing
  • Coordination with all three levels of government
  • Post-secondary education programs aligned with manufacturing needs
  • Investment in R&D with subject matter experts (SME’s) at nearby universities
  • Logistics partners to ship your goods worldwide




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