It’s a Local Thing

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Cheers to our Local Businesses Who Understand Us
From the way they greet us at the door by name, or knowing what we order before we even do, our community businesses get us!

They’re our neighbours, family or friends. They know us and we know them. We share laughs. We talk about the neighbours. They have a pulse on everything going on in our community. How could we not buy from them!

Hats Off to Local
It’s because of YOU that we keep on buying.
You help keep our jobs local
A healthy local economy means more opportunity here.
You fund local programs
More sponsored sports teams and events.
You’re community-minded
It feels good to be a part of L&A.
You keep our money local
Spending here means improved schools, better infrastructure and community programs.
You make shopping convenient
No need to drive far, most everything you need is close by.
Share feel-good stories about our local businesses and win!
Has a local business been real good to you?

Comment on the wonderful local service or experience you’ve received and be automatically entered into a contest for a $500 local shopping spree! 

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Love where you live – #ShopNaturallyLA

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Celebrating Our Businesses. It’s a Local Thing.
Spread some good vibes and share your feel-good story about a businesses that has super-served our community.
What You’ve Told Us About Our Local Businesses
Look out world! It’s a Local Thing.
Take a few minutes to learn more about the wonderful places in Naturally L&A.
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