A Small Purchase


It’s never been more important to support your local businesses

Take positive action and boost the ripple effect that shopping locally has on our neighborhoods, towns and cities. Every dollar that you spend with a local business has a multiplier effect as it recirculates within our community. When you shop locally you help by creating and keeping jobs here in L&A, the local economy is more stable and our communities will continue to thrive. 

Share the love on social. Post about the local businesses that you think are awesome and together we can make great things happen in L&A.


We are one-of-a-kind, passionate and independent and that’s reflected in the variety of unique businesses here.

Food & Drink

From food and beverage producers to our restaurants – it’s fresh, it’s tasty and it’s all local.


Our service providers are also your neighbours, friends and relatives. Check out the talent that we have right here at home.


No need to wander far. See all the things to do right here in beautiful L&A.

Is your business Listed?

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