Real Estate

Experience affordable home ownership in a thriving community

Own your dream home without breaking the bank

Lennox and Addington County’s affordability extends beyond the purchase price. Here, you can embrace a higher quality of life without compromising your financial well-being. With lower mortgage payments, property taxes and overall living costs, you’ll have more discretionary income to explore the many recreational, cultural and business opportunities that thrive in the area.

Quality of Life

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Percentage of residents who say they have a somewhat strong or strong sense of belong to local community

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of residents are happy with their lives here

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Percentage of adults that experience stress, significantly lower than average


Living well in L&A doesn’t mean spending more. It’s surprisingly affordable. We’ve got the best of nature for free – open spaces, lakes, rivers and clear skies. Plus, you get great value for your money here, all without any compromise.

Buying and Selling

In Lennox and Addington, the real estate market blends variety with opportunity, making the buying and selling of homes a practical and advantageous choice for many.

Commercial Real Estate

The commercial real estate market in Lennox and Addington is vibrant, offering a range of opportunities for businesses looking to establish or expand in a community-focused and growing economic environment.

Communities in Lennox & Addington County

Each community in L&A shares a common thread of friendly locals, affordable living and abundant opportunities for business growth.

Greater Napanee

Population - 15,982

Where historic allure meets modern business opportunities.

Loyalist Township

Population - 17,380

Small-town charm with big economic opportunities.

Stone Mills

Population - 7,702

Scenic beauty coupled with rural ambitions.

Addington Highlands

Population - 2,323

Plenty of outdoor adventures in a community-focused setting.


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