A fusion of tradition and modernity

Lakeside living with an historic twist

Here, tradition meets modern comfort.

Situated along the picturesque shores of Lake Ontario, Loyalist Township offers a unique combination of historical depth and modern convenience. Experience the warmth of a community rich in heritage, coupled with the benefits of contemporary living. Loyalist Township is known for its stunning waterfront views, lush green spaces, well-preserved historical sites and a community that warmly embraces both its past and future.


People Call Loyalist Township Home

Loyalist Communities

Loyalist Township consists of two parts: the mainland and Amherst Island located in Lake Ontario. The communities in
Loyalist may be small but you wouldn’t guess that from the abundance of fun events and attractions.​

To get to the island hop on the ferry in Millhaven and travel about 15 minutes to the Island. You’ll dock in the quint village of Stella which was named one of the “prettiest towns in Canada” by Harrowsmith County Life.

This island is a paradise for hikers, birdwatchers, scuba divers and anyone who loves nature. In the summer the WaterSide Summer Series is popular for all types of music lovers. The island is also famous for the abundance of dry stone walls, the same kind that are very popular in Ireland.

  • The island has its own radio station, www.cjai.ca
  • The island was settled by Irish immigrants in the 1800’s
  • Located along the shores of Lake Ontario
  • Many of the stone walls are nearly two centuries old
  • Learn about the islands history at Neilson Store Museum & Culture Centre
  • Meet a llama at Topsy Farms

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Once a subdivision on the outskirts of Kingston, Amherstview has grown into a thriving community.

Amherstview is known for its recreational facilities. The W.J. Henderson Recreational Centre houses a swimming pool, ice skating rinks and a public library. The centre also has fitness and wellness programs as well as a variety of workshops and programs for all ages.

  • Population of aproximately 7,000
  • 85% of new residents are young families
  • Golf at the Amherstview Golf Club
  • Take a guided tour of Fairfield House built in 1793
  • Stroll along the waterfront

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Until 1816 the village of Bath rivaled Kingston, Ontario as a commercial and educational centre. Today, some beautiful historical sites can still be found here including: the Bath Museum, Fairfield-Gutzeit House and the Bath Academy. On Main Street you’ll find businesses, a few restaurants and an ice cream parlour.

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Once known as Mill Creek, Odessa is a growing village. Stop by and see the Historic Babcock Mill or the Odessa Fairgrounds. The fairgrounds are one of the oldest in Ontario. Relax at Mill Creek Park or pack a picnic and lounge in the gazebo.

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Quiet charm and a relaxed atmosphere pretty much sums up the rural beauty of Wilton. But, anyone in the area will tell you this is where you go for cheese. The Wilton Cheese Factory is one of the area’s finest cheese makers and has been in operation since 1867.

  • Check out the old Wilton schoolhouse built in the 1950’s
  • Get ice cream at the General Store
  • Look for yummy produce at a roadside market

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Real Estate
Loyalist Township’s real estate offers the allure of lakeside living and spacious properties at more affordable rates than major urban centers, ensuring value for your investment.

Elementary & Secondary Schools

Loyalist Township, served by both the Algonquin and Lakeshore and the Limestone District School boards, offers a variety of quality educational options catering to students across all age groups.


Loyalist Township is easily accessible with various transport modes. It offers a ferry service to Amherst Island and public bus connections via Kingston Transit. For direct travel, taxis are available, and the township is well-positioned near major airports in Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal. YGK Airport is also close by.

Recreation, Sports and Parks

Loyalist Township is a haven for recreation, sports and parks, boasting not only stunning lakeside areas but also a well-equipped arena for various indoor activities.

Culture and Entertainment

Loyalist Township is alive with a vibrant cultural and entertainment scene, offering a blend of local arts, historical sites, and community events. The township hosts various cultural activities and festivals throughout the year, reflecting its rich heritage.


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