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Authentically rural

The small village of Denbigh is a welcoming community for those who love a true rural experience.

With lakes and trails nearly Denbigh is a great place for those that love lake-life and nature. If you love to fish or go boating, the Denbigh or Mocassin Lake are close by.

In the early 1900’s Denbigh was a self-sufficient community that learned how to take care of themselves because other towns were several days of travel away. This meant there was a variety of blacksmiths, mills, hotels, churches and a few stores to provide necessities.

  • The Denbigh Library is located in the Addington Highlands Community Centre and has a huge selection of reading materials, DVD’s and audio books as well as computer workstations.
  • There is also a Denbigh in North Wales!
  • Rose Hill Nature Reserve – The beautiful and unique 358 property is in a remote area with ponds, wetlands and several creeks. This is a great place for hiking, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing and picnicking.
  • Glaeser’s Country Story – Every Saturday Glaeser’s Country Store offers sweet bakery treats. You’ll also find groceries, giftware, fishing supplies and more in this gem of a store.
  • Denbigh Farms – Denbigh Farms has been in the Marquardt family since 1860. You’ll love their natural raw honey, beeswax products, and Canadian Shield maple syrup.
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Reasons to Live in Denbigh in Addington Highlands

Denbigh in Addington Highlands is a great place to live. Here are some of the reasons why residents enjoy living here.

  • Lower housing costs
  • Reasonable cost of living
  • Low crime rate
  • Great location
  • Access to health care

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If you’re planning a visit to the area, check out local accommodations to make your stay cozy and comfy.

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