Hell Holes Nature Trails and Caves

Hell Holes Nature Trails is closed for the 2020 operating season.

Conquer the cave, hike the valley

One of the most interesting places to hike in Ontario.

Not only is the name catchy but Hell Holes Nature Trails & Cave’s landscape is truly spectacular. As you hike the trail you’ll see some drastic changes in this unique geological area. Wander the 3.2 Kilometer trail and you’ll be immersed in lush trees, cross an impressive natural stone bridge and descend into a jaw-dropping, scenic gorge. Here you’ll be surrounded by overhanging ledges, grottos, rich vegetation, mushroom shaped rocks and sinkholes. Other notable sites along the trail are Pillar Rock, an intriguing rock formation and Devil’s Horses Stable Cave, which visitors cannot enter.

Pack your backpack and get set to explore.

Here are a few tips when visiting Hell Holes Nature Trails & Caves:

  • Bring bug spray, The Swamp and The Valley provide the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes
  • Bring a flashlight or a headlamp for inside the cave
  • There is a small cash-only admission to get into the park
  • The trail can be rugged and is not wheelchair accessible or stroller friendly
Hell Holes Nature Trails
kilometre trail
minutes from Napanee
Hell Holes Nature Trails
Hell Holes Nature Trails
Climb into the cave, if you dare

About one kilometre into your hike you’ll find the main event, the infamous Hell Hole itself. The view as you peer down into the darkness of the cave can be a little bit intimidating. But, it is highly worthwhile to put aside your nervousness and descend 7.5 meters down the ladder into the cavern below. At the bottom you’ll experience a drastic temperature difference with the air being much cooler.

This gem is worth the drive: 

  • Stunning 3.2 km self-guided hiking trail
  • 2.5 x 3.5 metre underground cavern to explore
  • Unique geographical area
  • Picnic area
  • Playground & mini putt
  • Dog friendly
  • Public bathrooms
Hell Holes Nature Trails
Hell Holes Nature Trails
Hell Holes Nature Trails

Fun Facts

  • The cave temperature can be up to 25C difference from the outside air
  • The atmosphere is like a mini rain forest
  • Rock formations created during the glacial period
  • Devil’s Horse Stable Cave which descended deep into the Earth’s service collapsed in the early 1900’s; legend has it that Satan used to stable his horse here

Location and more details:

420 Barrett Road, Centreville

Driving Direction: From Hwy 401 Exit No. 579, 10.7 km North, turn right at Centreville Rd., continue 5.5 kms following signs.

Tel: 613.388.2284


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