On the Water

They say you need lots of water every day. We agree.

When it comes to water, we’ve got you covered.
In L&A, there are over 100 lakes for you to explore with spectacular views that’ll light up your Instagram account. Whether you prefer to get in the water, be on top of the water or to admire it from the shore, you won’t be disappointed in L&A.
On the water
Fishing in L&A
beautiful lakes
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deepest lake in Ontario is L&A's Mazinaw Lake
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This beautiful area has water in abundance and is a boaters playground with lots of unique lakes and rivers to explore.

There’s nothing like the serenity of a crystal clear lake. Grab your kayak, canoe or paddleboard and get out of the water.

Walleye, large- and smallmouth bass, northern pike and trout are just some of the fish that can be caught here in L&A.

The ideal water conditions, high visibility and the variety of interesting things underwater make this area scuba ready.

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