Neilson Store Museum

Way more than a store!

Take your car or bike on a quaint Lake Ontario ferry ride and arrive at Amherst lsland. The Neilson Store Museum tells the story of the first settlement of 1789, and showcases artifacts collected from one of Canada’s grain merchants, James S. Neilson. Learn about Canada’s historic boats, like the MV Amherst Islander, and see their remnants. Shop the Weasel and Easel fine arts and craft store, housed in the museum, site of Neilson’s General Store.

  • See the MV Amherst Islander’s ship’s wheel, bell, and logs
  • The store remained in the Neilson family for more than 100 years
First settlers arrive on
Amherst Island
James S. Neilson opened his
first general store
Neilson Store
Museum opens

The museum tells the story of the first settlement of Amherst Island

Learn about Neilson Store history

The Neilson Store, a historical landmark on Amherst Island was built by James S. Neilson in around 1883. In the early years, the Neilson family carried a full line of household goods – from corset laces to oil lamp wicks, canvas for grain binders to barley forks, from dry goods to hardware and of course, groceries.

Fun Facts

  • Designated under the Ontario Heritage Act, the Museum itself is also an exhibit
  • Locally made artisan items for sale in the gift shop

Location and more details:

5220 Front Road, Stella

Tel: 613.634.9512


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