Meet Me in the Meadow – A Scything Gathering

July 21 - 23, 2023
Cost: 97.18
Type of Event: For Adults

Are you an experienced scyther or a scythe- curious newbie? Want to make hay while the sun shines? Join us, ORSN, FolkCamp and Topsy Farms on Amherst Island in Ontario to learn about scythes, scything and hay making the old-fashioned way.
This is a weekend, camping out event, with potluck, skill learning and celebrations too.
Although its a bit early, we will also be celebrating our various traditions of harvest time, including Lammas (loaf-mass -Anglo-saxon “hlaf-mass” ) or Lughnasadh (The assembly of the sun-god Lugh) in Gaelic

Special Notice

Bring Camping gear, scythe, sharpening stones/peening jig, hay rake(if you have them). Also Musical instruments/ voice/ songs & stories

Contact Details

14865 Front Rd
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learn and practice the art and science of scything and to celebrate our connection to the land.
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