Guided Mushroom Walk with Think Fungi & Wind Rock Ridge Art Gallery

August 04, 2024
Cost: $54.58
Type of Event: For Families, For Adults, For Business, Unspoiled Summer

Join us as we explore the wonderful world of mushrooms in Lennox & Addington County near Bon Echo Provincial Park. Breakfast included!

Lennox and Addington County, in which Bon Echo Provincial Park is located, has a ton of different species of fungi lurking in our woods. Some mushrooms can be spotted easily, others are more elusive, and others you wouldn’t even have guessed were fungi!

Join Robert Courteau, founder of Think Fungi, as we walk through this region’s local woodland area. Our guided walks are 3 hours long and take place in the morning, as that’s the best time to find mushrooms! These walks are very low-intensive, often walking less than 1 kilometer into the woods, but trails can become particularly rugged at times.

This is a very special walk! This will be the first walk of its kind held in this region.

Hosted by Wind Rock Ridge Art Gallery and Canadian landscape artist Shelley Leach, Shelley will be accompanying the group on this walk. Even more fun, Shelley has offered to cook the group a delicious breakfast before we set off on our walk.
In addition to the in-person tour (and breakfast), you’ll be given free access to the Think Fungi Top 10 Edible Mushrooms online course. Not all mushrooms are found year-round, so a mix of online study and in-person touring is perfect for your well-rounded education. This course is typically $18.99 and includes approximately 2 hours of study materials. You can use to explore on future nature walks.
On a guided tour, you can expect a crash course into the world of fungi.

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46 Ackroyd Lane
Tel: 613 809 9357
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join us as we explore the world of Fungi! Aug 4, 2024
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