Get into a FLAP and help the birds!

April 05, 2022
Cost: Free
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Friends of the Napanee River present: Get into a FLAP and help the birds!
On April 5 at 7 pm.

Did you know that it is estimated that between 500 million and 1 billion birds die from building collisions each year in North America?

Michael Mesure, the Executive Director of the Fatal Light Awareness Program (FLAP) Canada, will present on how we can help in significantly reducing these unnecessary bird fatalities.

Michael will explain the threats to migratory and other birds, as well as the bird-building collision movement and why birds collide with buildings. He will educate us on bird-friendly guidelines, law and building codes. He will wind up with mitigation strategies: how we can help.

Michael is a founding member of FLAP Canada, and a regular presenter on the topic of bird-building collisions, bringing attention to the reflective light issue that impacts over 1 billion birds across North America every year. His work focuses on solutions to help remediate the challenges of bird migrations in built-up environments and building design standards. He has also led the BirdSafe® Building Standards and risk assessments, helping to develop the Canadian Standards Association’s (CSA) BirdFriendly Design Standard.

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