Fruit Tree Grafting Workshop

March 23, 2024
Cost: $100.
Type of Event: For Adults

Participants will learn how to make a whip and tongue graft of their chosen rootstock and scion (the type of apple). Stephen will discuss and demonstrate techniques, distribute the root stock and scion you ordered, then provide step by step guidance and supervision. This technique can be applied to your own trees as well as this rootstock. If you wish to bring a scion from your own beloved tree, be sure to choose a side branchlet that has grown within the past few years.

Special Notice

You can save the genetics of your beloved, aging tree. Or start your own mini orchard. Learn how to graft.

Contact Details

14775 Front Rd, Stella, ON
Tel: 613 389-3444 #1
You will learn to graft a fruit tree, taking home the size and type you chose.
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