Foster Lamb Visits start May 16th

May 16 - June 17, 2024
Cost: $25
Type of Event: For Families

Help nurture our most vulnerable babies! You and a Topsy staffer will be in with the lambs, snuggling and interacting. We’ll answer all your sheepy questions and make your visit as wonderful as possible.

Please dress appropriately; lambs are not house trained! Pregnant women CANNOT interact with lambs.
Each visit is for groups up to 6 people. Otherwise, please book 2 time slots

Special Notice

Our bottle babies are rescues, usually the smallest of triplets or quads. They need snuggles

Contact Details

14775 Front Rd, Stella, ON K0H2S0
Tel: 6133893444
Come and cuddle our bottle-fed babies. They need you.
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