Capturing Winter in Naturally L&A


We finally got a taste of winter this past week, and while the rain may have already washed away some of the snow accumulation, it reminded me of a weekend of winter experiences that Naturally L&A put together a few years ago.

In the summer and fall of 2020 we had the opportunity to capture some amazing photos and videos of Lennox & Addington that our office will use to help promote the many great things there are to see and do here. To round out our digital content collection efforts, in early 2021 we spent two fun-filled days with a talented crew of Laura Bombier and Stefan Randsom as they filmed local community members participating in a wide variety of winter activities.

Below is a brief ‘behind the scenes’ snapshot of what we experienced and where we experienced it. We hope that it may motivate you to get out and enjoy a few of these locations yourself when conditions allow.


Snowmobiling near Varty Lake

A group of snowmobilers met us at the L&A Ridge Runners Clubhouse in Yarker. Every year local volunteers do an amazing job keeping the trails in great shape, and this year is no exception. We zipped up and down the trails around Varty Lake and our crew got some amazing drone, GoPro and photography of the riders doing their thing.

Hiking the Cataraqui Trail

We met up with a group of local hikers as well as some members of the Napanee Nordic Pole Walkers to get some cool footage of them hiking along the bridge over the river in Yarker. I’m especially excited to view the drone footage at this location. The Cataraqui Trail is an amazing winter destination.



Birdwatching at Fairfield Park

Birding has become a very popular pastime here in L&A. We met up with talented photographer Diane Irwin in Amherstview. She’s well-known for some of her outstanding owl photography taken in the area. We weren’t focused on seeing birds on this day, however, as our cameras were focused solely on her as she set up her tripod and took her own photos.


Tobogganing on Golf Course Hill

The 9th fairway at the Napanee Golf & County Club is always a popular spot in the winter, as kids converge on the hill after every snow fall. We got some great imagery of a nice family making a few runs. Our videographer even took a trip down the hill with a GoPro.


Figure Skating on the Napanee River

Back in 2021 there seemed to be a ton of outdoor rinks to choose from. We were lucky to be able to use of a great one just north of Unger Island in Greater Napanee. We had some talented young figure skaters twirling and jumping for the camera.

Ice Fishing on Hay Bay

Ice fishing continues to be a very popular activity here in L&A. Our crew captured two local anglers (and their dog) drill a few holes and drop a few lines for us.

Night Time Shinny & Curling on Beaver Lake

This spot made me wish I owned a waterfront property. A resident of Beaver Lake graciously allowed us to experience a perfect winter evening, complete with some shinny and lake curling. We also enjoyed hot chocolate by the fire. If the footage we captured here doesn’t make viewers want to move to Lennox & Addington, nothing will.

More Ice Fishing on Beaver Lake

This scene was originally planned to be drone only, but since it was snowing we decided it would be better to get some up close ice fishing footage. We strapped on our snow shoes and ventured out on North Beaver Lake to meet up with a fun group of anglers. We got some very authentic images here.



Skiing, Snowshoeing and Fat Biking in the L&A Forest

We finished up our tour at the L&A Forest Trails in Flinton. Local snowshoers, cross country skiers and fat tire mountain bikers spent the afternoon with us as snow lightly fell through the trees. It was a great way to wrap up two days of shooting.

Since our photo and video shoot back in 2021 we’ve incorporated the final product into our website and various social media campaigns. Here’s the final video that we think really does a great job encompassing  all the great wintertime activities available to residents and visitors of Lennox & Addington.



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