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Meet a Business: Greg Brown Masonry

Dedication to his craft, creating a reputation for excellent work and great service and loving what he does has led to success for Greg Brown and his new company, Greg Brown Masonry.

First as a member of a partnership, and on his own since the spring of 2017, Brown has cultivated a reputation for superior workmanship and quality, as well as for efficiency and approachability – aspects that have allowed his new solo business venture to thrive without the need of extensive marketing and advertising campaigns.

“Mostly it’s been through word of mouth. I do a lot of work with contractors who work mostly on private homes, either new homes or renovations, so even when I was with my partner before, we built up contacts with some key contractors and they still bring me on to their jobs now and recommend me to other contractors or private individuals,” Brown said.

Greg Brown Masonry 4.JPG“I grew up in this area and I know a lot of people, so if you have that and you also do good work, you get a lot of support from friends and family. Back in my previous company we did do a bit of advertising and also sponsored some golf tournaments and things like that. So I will see how things go and maybe do more of that in the future.”

Brown grew up around hard working people, and spent a lot of his childhood and youth helping out on his grandparents’ farm.

“I have always liked working with my hands. I grew up helping my grandparents and aunts and uncles on their farm. They always worked hard and I just saw that that was the way to go in life. I was always more of a hands-on person. I tried working for different trades. I worked for a carpentry company but found it wasn’t for me. And then I worked for a more established masonry business in the area. I was 18 at the time and stuck with it because I enjoyed it. I went to [Algonquin] college in Perth and took the Heritage and Traditional Masonry program and have done it ever since,” he explained.

“And today my company does anything from brick and stone veneer on new residential homes, culture stone on fireplaces, blocks, chimney repairs – pretty much anything masonry oriented, including outdoor fireplaces.”

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Greg Brown Masonry 5.JPGThe biggest change he’s experienced since going out on his own is spending more time doing paperwork, but it’s something he’s readily and happily adapted to.

As for the territory he covers, Brown said he is “willing to go wherever the work is” and has, in the past, gone as far afield from his Napanee home base to Brockville and Gananoque, north to Addington Highlands Township and the Belleville area.

He also said he likes the small town, friendly atmosphere prevalent in Greater Napanee and L&A County, which is perfect for raising his two girls, alongside wife Julie.

“We have the new Rotary playground and Conservation Park; we love taking our daughters down for walks along the river there. There’s lots to do in Napanee for families. And the neighbourhood we live in is pretty good too. The kids love to play in the little park nearby, and ride their bikes. Everyone is friendly and supportive. We enjoy living and working here.”

To contact Greg Brown Masonry call 613-888-9569.

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