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Ready to start a business? Get an extra boost towards success, the L&A way!

Starting a business is exciting but it can also be intimidating. Rest assured in L&A there are supports in place to help you succeed. Plus, our location gives you an extra advantage while providing the natural setting that you crave.

  • An Economic Development Team committed to your success
  • Access to helpful tools and resources
  • Supportive community and no traffic jams
  • Close to 1/3 of North America’s population
  • On the 401 corridor between Montreal and Toronto
  • Close to the US Border Crossing
  • Lower business operating costs
  • More affordable to live here, with much lower home prices
  • Educated labour force
  • Balanced lifestyle with nature all around
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You have a full-service economic development force focused on helping you to be successful at absolutely no cost.
Your passion can be your life’s work

In L&A, wide-ranging business opportunities await you. Manufacturing, logistics & distribution and green businesses thrive here. Creative industries flourish and our artisan food & drink ventures continue to grow. Our natural tourism opportunities help keep our many retail boutiques, storefronts and restaurants bustling with activity.

From large international corporations to successful home-grown ventures, and talented artisans to award-winning microbreweries, Lennox & Addington truly has it all! The diversity of businesses reflects L&A’s entrepreneurial spirit that fuels job growth, as well as personal pride.

Here are some of the successful sectors:
  • Clean Technology – The area is a leader in the development of clean, green technology.
  • Specialty Foods – We’re located in the middle of one of Ontario’s major food clusters.
  • Manufacturing – There’s a wide variety of products made right here.
  • Logistics & Distribution – There’s road, air and sea access to major North American industrial and consumer markets.
  • Agribusiness – Farm-based businesses continue to thrive in a changing marketplace.
  • Tourism Business – A popular tourist region means you can provide services to thousands of consumers year-round.
  • Retail – Residents and tourists both benefit from quality retail businesses.
  • Creative Industries – Employment in the creative economy is growing at double digit rates here.
  • Sport Tourism – World-class facilities, a dedicated volunteer-base, a supportive business community.

Free and confidential business coaching and resources

From start-up right to the day-to-day challenges to expansion and beyond – our Ec Dev team is here for you.
  • Non-traditional financing opportunities including possible grants
  • Help to secure technology and telecommunications capital
  • Help with research and development tax credits
  • Information about supply chains
  • Networking and skilled helpful connections
  • Site selection help and real estate searches
  • Business coaching
  • Access to resources and tools
  • Community statistics
  • Incentives
  • Labour force and training assistance
  • Advertising and marketing help

Let’s Get Started

You have a full-service economic development force focused on helping you to be successful at absolutely no cost.

Can you still call it work if you love it?

Learn more about running your business at seminars, workshops and networking opportunities tailored to the region.

Let’s get the facts: Reports

Take a look at the cost analysis reports to gain an understanding of how Lennox and Addington County can save you money.

Lennox and Addington County is a member of the Ontario East Economic Development Commission. In 2016 Ontario East commissioned The Boyd Company, Princeton, NJ to compare operating costs for manufacturing in Eastern Ontario versus our US counterparts. Eastern Ontario has the lowest cost structure in Advanced Manufacturing, Food Processing and Logistics & Distribution. For example, the least costliest location for a distribution centre in North Eastern North America is Eastern Ontario.

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