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Overcome challenges for business success

Navigating the Life Cycle of Your Business

Every business, big or small, navigates through four stages: Startup, Growth, Maturity, and Renewal or Decline. Understanding these stages helps identify your business’s position and the challenges it faces in order for growth to take place. We offer specialized advisory services to provide you with expert guidance, tailored to your individual needs.

There’s Support Available for You

Business Planning

Reignite your business with a strategic plan customized to address your current challenges.

Partnerships and Connections

Benefit from a rich network of partnerships and connections, linking you to a wide range of industry experts, local businesses and community leaders such as KNDL and Ontario East Economic Development.

Talent and Staff Recruitment

Overcome staffing hurdles and find the right talent to revitalize your business.

Taxation Guide

When you operate a business in Ontario, you are responsible for charging, collecting and remitting the appropriate taxes.

Training and Ambassador Program

Discover tailored training and ambassador programs to support your business’ turnaround.

Spousal Employment

Let our team be of assistance in helping to connect your spouse with regional employment and local opportunities.

Zoning, Permits and Regulations

Navigate the regulatory maze with expert guidance.

Commercial and Industrial Property Searches

Discover prime properties that can be a cornerstone for your business’s resurgence.

Grants and Funding Opportunities

Access grants and funding opportunities from the Government of Canada to fuel your business’ growth, innovate and expand your market reach.

Women in Business, Black Entrepreneur & First Nation Entrepreneur Services

Discover a women-led bootcamp for women-led busineses. Get prepared to pitch your business and secure investment.


Discover solutions to help you make your projects a reality. The BDC’s commercial loans are geared to businesses that have been in operation for at least 12 months.

Hiring Support

Growing your team? It’s important to know your obligations and opportunities when you hire people.

Business Seminars and Events

Gain fresh insights and inspiration to help your business thrive through our targeted seminars and events.

One-on-One Consultation

Booking a one-on-one consultation with the Economic Development team at Lennox and Addington County provides you with personalized guidance tailored to your business needs, completely free of charge.
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