Operational Costs

The cost of doing business is simply lower here

A smart choice for savings

In Lennox and Addington County, your business — whether it’s a large international corporation or a successful home-grown venture — finds a thriving environment where operating costs are less than in surrounding urban centers.unique opportunity to thrive in a supportive environment, with a focus on sustainable development and optimal utilization of space.

Succeed in a Cost-Friendly Environment

Real Estate

Gain a competitive edge with lower commercial and industrial property costs, cost-effective rental rates and various land purchase options.

Labour Costs

Enjoy the benefit of lower wages in Lennox & Addington compared to urban centres, making it an attractive choice for your business’s bottom line.

Utility Expenses

Experience cost savings with utilities in Lennox & Addington, where rates are lower compared to urban centres.

Taxes and Regulatory Expenses

A favourable business environment, with competitive tax rates, attractive incentives, exemptions, and a range of financial benefits that support your bottom line.

Operating Expenses

Operating expenses in L&A are typically lower due to reduced costs in real estate, labour, utilities and taxes.

Looking for Assistance?

Looking to better qualify operating costs in this area? Our team is here to assist you. Reach out to us for the support you need.
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