Taylor Kidd Industrial Park

Combining convenience and opportunity in Loyalist Township

Perfectly Positioned for Business Growth

Ideally situated in Eastern Ontario’s Loyalist Township, this industrial park offers strategic business advantages with its proximity to major transportation routes. Located just 10 km south of Highway 401 and 10 km west of Kingston, the park provides businesses with both easy access to major highways and the benefits of a location near Kingston’s resources and workforce.


Access to rail (CN)

This connection to a major rail network not only facilitates national distribution but also reduces transportation costs, making it an ideal choice for businesses relying on rail freight.

Access to St. Lawrence Seaway

Allows for easy access to international shipping routes. This feature is particularly beneficial for businesses involved in import-export activities, offering a gateway to global markets and positioning them strategically for international trade.

Clean environmental site status

Crucial for companies that prioritize environmental responsibility and seek to maintain a minimal ecological footprint. It also simplifies compliance with environmental regulation.

Services & Amenities

Ideal For


Strategically positioned for distribution businesses, providing easy access to both the Canadian National Railway and major highways like Highway 401. This accessibility ensures swift and efficient transport of goods.


Benefit from a combination of robust infrastructure and strategic location. The park’s access to major transportation routes, including the St. Lawrence Seaway and the Canadian National Railway, provides manufacturers with the logistical edge needed for efficient supply chain management.

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