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To make the most out of your experience here, we’ve planned out 6 itineraries each with a different theme, most centering around outdoor activities. Just choose a theme that interests you the most and set off on a day full of adventure.

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Which Itinerary Will You Try First?

Breweries and Vineyards

Whether you’re an oenophile, a connoisseur of craft beer or just want a day discovering new flavours, this day will be a real treat. You’ll stop in at some of our most noteworthy vineyards, meet our sommeliers and sip and savour some delectable blends.

A Beautiful Way to Spend a Day

Good news! If you choose this itinerary you get to sleep in a little bit longer. In the early afternoon you’ll be off to Bon Echo Provincial Park or the L&A Forest Trails followed by an evening stargazing spectacle at the Dark Sky Viewing Area.

Spend a Day at a Farm

If you’ve ever wondered what life would be like on a farm, this is the itinerary for you. Prepare to pet a pig or get close up to an alpaca, because this itinerary is taking you to the barn the bees and beyond. 

Explore Our 4 Local Municipalities

Visit four distinctly different communities. Local tourists will be presented with a good array of things to do in Greater Napanee, Stone Mills, Loyalist and Addington Highlands.

Feeling Adventurous? Choose a Completely Spontaneous Day!

Enjoy a Surprise Day in Naturally L&A

Pack your sense of adventure and a few other essentials and get ready to embrace your spontaneous side.  Hint: This family friendly day includes an eclectic collection of stops and shops, an island visit and more. Where will you go?  There’s only one way to find out!

Enjoy a Surprise Day in Naturally L&A

Ready to go rural? Scenic drives, nature stops and out of the way fun finds is all the information we’re going to give you about this family-friendly surprise day. Want to know more? Commit to an adventure and choose this itinerary.

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