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It's easy to be an Ambassador! In fact, most of you are probably already doing it.

Represent your community to others

We are all part of a team, working together to make Lennox & Addington THE PLACE to live, work and do business. Represent L&A everywhere you go!

Be enthusiastic about Naturally L&A

Genuine love and excitement about living and working in Lennox & Addington translates to others and peaks interest in learning more about investing in our growing community.

Chat up your experiences working in Lennox & Addington

Be honest and share your experiences conducting business in L&A. You have a wealth of knowledge that others want to hear.

Invite them to visit

Words can never do Lennox & Addington justice. Invite them to come and personally see what makes L&A so great. We’ll show them around town! Before you know it, they’ll be moving their business to Lennox & Addington.

Connect them with Naturally L&A staff

Tell them about the Lennox & Addington Economic Development Office. We’re here and ready to advocate for their business, integrating them to our growing economic network.

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Why become an Ambassador?

Want to be an Ambassador? Follow these steps and you'll be part of the club! Here's how you can help:
  1. Spread the word about the quality of life within L&A.
  2. Promote Naturally L&A and its benefits through social media
  3. Help us attract new business

Becoming an Ambassador comes with tons of perks, including:

  • helping L&A grow
  • adding Naturally L&A Ambassadorship to your marketing materials
  • be featured in publications
  • access to networking opportunities

Become a Naturally L&A Ambassador

Let us know you're interested and we'll get you started!

  • If applicable

Meet our Ambassadors

Be among the first Naturally L&A Ambassadors to be a part of the program!
  • 23 Market Square, Napanee
  • Ellena’s Cafe, Napanee
  • The Blue Door Bakery  & Cafe, Napanee
  • Starlet, Napanee
  • Shalagh Elliott Design Co, Napanee
  • The Black Barn Company, Napanee
  • Convenient Candy Shop, Napanee
  • Harvest Brinery, Napanee
  • Inside Out Coaching Company, Napanee
  • The Good Home Collective, Napanee
  • Devon Cafe, Tamworth
  • The Bee Spot, Tamworth
  • Katlyn Alyssa Inc., Newburgh
  • Anderwood Studio, Bath
  • Lakeside Studio Gallery, Bath
  • Topsy Farms, Amherst Island
  • Glaeser’s Country Store, Denbigh
  • Rosie’s General Store, Denbigh
  • Finnegan’s General Store, Cloyne
  • Milligan Meats, Cloyne
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